“One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”—Malala Yousafzi

Transform the classroom experience by building relationships and community

As a Teacher, Assistant Teacher or other professional working with student groups, you want students to be successful in their school work as a gateway to better lives. But so much time is lost to disruptions, inattention, emotional distress. Sometimes it seems like students have an immunity to change no matter what you do.

The fields of coaching(link), communication (link) and restorative practices (link) do contain IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS that directly and effectively address these challenges.  IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE TO

  • Model compassion and respect in ways that are contagious
  • Build a culture of caring and respect in the classroom
  • Create a safe place where students are supporting student s and feel they have something to contribute
  • Create a work-life balance that is aligned with your values 
  • Emerge unscathed and optimistic from even the most challenging days
  • Inspire and teach students how to resolve their conflicts peacefully 
  • Motivate student buy-in, collaboration and co-operation
  • Develop crucial skills to energize your present career or boost you into an exciting new one
  • Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to build your skill set, be a part of a supportive, compassionate community, and experience the joy that led you to be a part of the Education profession.

Restorative Coaching Program Starts November 10, 2018

Limited to 25 participants, district-wide

Enroll Now

“What I learned from the Restorative Coaching Program has made a tremendous difference in my one-on-one conversations with students whose behavior in the classroom challenges me. I understand them and can relate to them so much better now, and vice versa. These skills have also been a tremendous resource for the improvement of my relationship with my eight-year old daughter. This has helped so much with the quality of family life that my wife, my daughter and I all experience.”

Kerwin Greenaway

Department Head and Science Teacher, SEED Public Charter School

Skills you can use everywhere with anyone

People are drawn to coaching programs for many reasons. You may want greater effectiveness in

  • Your careers
  • Your personal life
  • Your inner well-being (feeling less stress, more confidence, etc.)

And none of us wants to waste our most precious resources, our time and our energy, for something that is just going to overload us with more responsibilities and items on our To Do list.

The beauty of this program is that you can choose to focus on applications for work OR personal life OR your personal well-being (self-care) OR all three. Whatever you choose the other areas of your life will reap equal or greater benefits.

That is because you are the least common denominator in all of these areas. Your relationship with yourself and with others is the foundation for the comfort, confidence and effectiveness you bring to each of these areas.

You will be investing about 1% of your waking hours for 8 months to participate in this program (5-7 hours per month, including travel time). The payback you will feel in terms of greater confidence, empowerment and effectiveness will more than compensate for that investment.


Program Begins November 10, 2018

Limited to 25 participants, District Wide

Don’t be disappointed!

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