“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
Oprah Winfrey

Wouldn’t you like to feel a real partnership WITH the students, 

to experience them as working as hard to move forward as you work to support them?


The Restorative Coaching Program draws upon Communication (links?), Restorative Practices (links?), and Coaching (links?), and includes new ways to address these 5 challenges?

  • disengagement and apathy make it hard to reach students
  • profanity, disrespect and lack of co-operation stimulate feelings of hopelessness 
  • the prevalence of trauma and pain and lead to cycles of escalating actions-reactions
  • lack of appreciation for the work you put in, amplifies your frustrations
  • so many challenges lead to overwhelm – losing sight of your vision and passion for helping

How do I empower my student to be the creator of his own life?

 “A student who felt that he had worked really hard on developing his character and had been to previous theater festivals was very disappointed that he didn’t get an award. ‘Can you tell me what I did wrong?’, he asked. Instead of answering as I usually would, and suggesting what he might have done differently, I listened empathetically to his story. He reviewed how he had prepared and then he came up with the idea to talk to students who had won awards to find out what they had done to get ready.  He made mental notes of what they said. Then he decided to speak with the judges to find out how they make their decisions.  He discovered that some things are qualities that are always part of the decision and other things change from year to year. In a day’s time he had both learned a huge amount about how theater happens and, more importantly, that he could be the creator of his own process and find the answers to questions that are important to him. This never would have happened if I had answered his question and told him what to do. I am so glad that I let him have the power of his own story.”

Randee Grant

Overnight Manager, SEED Public Charter School

For Everyone 

People are drawn to coaching programs for many reasons. You may want greater effectiveness in

  • Your careers
  • Your personal life
  • Your inner well-being (feeling less stress, more confidence, etc.)

And none of us wants to waste our most precious resources, our time and our energy, for something that is just going to overload us with more responsibilities and items on our To Do list.

The beauty of this program is that you can choose to focus on applications for work OR personal life OR your personal well-being (self-care) OR all three. Whatever you choose the other areas of your life will reap equal or greater benefits.

That is because you are the least common denominator in all of these areas. Your relationship with yourself and with others is the foundation for the comfort, confidence and effectiveness you bring to each of these areas.

You will be investing about 1% of your waking hours for 8 months to participate in this program (5-7 hours per month, including travel time). The payback you will feel in terms of greater confidence, empowerment and effectiveness will more than compensate for that investment.

Program Begins November 10, 2018
Limited to 25 participants, District Wide
Don’t be disappointed!

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