Great schools need great teachers, and great teachers in turn need skilled school leaders who can create the conditions within a school that enable teachers to help their students learn and achieve.” Gates Foundation

For Administrators and School Leaders

As an administrator or school leader your job involves motivating others to perform and to grow and change. How do you break past the internal barrier that some refer to as immunity to change.? Clearly, relationships based upon mutual respect, trust and dignity are critical to your influence.  The three of the pillars of this course, Communication(link?), Restorative Practices(link?), and Coaching(link?), provide invaluable knowledge and tools that will develop the following skills to a high level

empathic presence

  •  listening from the heart and head
  • creative problem-solving, addressing the needs of all
  • asking empowering questions
  • powerful and vulnerable expression
  • feedback which minimizes defensiveness

In your conversations you will inspire people to

  • reflect deeply and honestly on their own practices
  • take responsibility for their feelings, choices and actions
  • become clearer about their intentions and goals

find creative possibilities for meeting their goals

  • become effective leaders in their own right
  • contribute to a culture of care, effectiveness and accountability

You will learn

  • the many forms of unproductive listening
  • speech patterns that diminish trust.
  • skills of discerning positive intentions and building connections.
  • “elevator coaching” or “coaching-on-the-fly” in brief everyday interactions.

You owe it to yourself, the community you serve, and other important persons in your life. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

I no longer dread talking with upset parents!

“Restorative coaching has helped me greatly in talking with parents and guardians who sometimes approach me about disciplinary issues with an angry, aggressive or blaming manner. I have learned how to listen compassionately and with genuine warmth and openness without necessarily agreeing with their perspective.  I am now able to live in accord with the mantra “Understanding someone is not the same as agreeing with them.” I feel much more confident of my ability to de-escalate intense interactions and have even had situations where parents voluntarily apologize for their upset behavior afterwards and thank me for the care I have given their family. They get that I really do care about them and their student even as I explain what we can and cannot do for them.  And if you don’t believe that this change has really made a difference in all my relationships, just ask my husband!”

Rashida Holman-Jones

Director of Family and Community Engagement, SEED Public Charter School School

Skills you can use with everyone, everywhere

People are drawn to coaching programs for many reasons. We may want greater effectiveness in

• Our careers
• Our personal life
• Our inner well-being (feeling less stress, more confidence, etc.)

And none of us wants to waste our most precious resources, our time and our energy, for something that is just going to overload us with more responsibilities and items on my To Do list.

The beauty of this program is that you can choose to focus on applications for work OR personal life OR your personal well-being (self-care). Whatever you choose the other areas of your life will reap equal or greater benefits.

That is because you are the “least common denominator” in all of these areas. Your relationship with yourself and with others is the foundation for the comfort, confidence and effectiveness you bring to each of these areas.

You will be investing about 1% of your waking hours for 8 months to participate in this program (5-7 hours per month, including travel time).  The payback you will feel in terms of greater confidence, empowerment and effectiveness will more than compensate for that investment.

Program Begins November 10, 2018

Limited to 25 participants, District Wide

Don’t be disappointed!