Restorative Coaching Program


October, 2019 – June, 2020

Now accepting applications




Just Imagine

  • Using your talents to empower youth while experiencing a minimum of disrespect
  • Growing new skills for guiding others to define their goals and attain them
  • Connecting to the passion and excitement that led you to work in Education
  • Resolving conflicts effectively in your professional and personal lives
  • Belonging to a community of caring professionals supporting each other
  • Finding the golden nugget in even the most challenging interactions

You owe it to yourself to explore this unique opportunity

No need to 

  • Travel to another city 
  •  Lose time from work
  •  Pay thousands of dollars in tuition –  or pay anything at all!
  •  It’s FREE to eligible persons

AND it includes

  • Direct positive impact on your current work relationships and challenges
  • Reduction of stress and increase in ease in all relationships
  • Warmth of in-person trainings combined with convenience of online support
  • Coaching specific to what is going on in your life

Program Begins October 5, 2019
Limited number of participants. Apply now!
Don’t be disappointed!

Program Overview

This program FEATURES:

  • 9 months of instruction & coaching, so that you can develop AND apply these life skills
  • 4 hours one Saturday morning each month, of engaging, interactive training
  • 1 hour once a month in small support groups, online with live support from the comfort of your home
  • Meeting virtually teachers, coaches and trainers from around the world, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Optional activities to deepen your learning including journal guides, personal mentoring, additional resources



“It was wonderful to meet regularly with a group of educators committed to supporting themselves and each other in re-connecting to their vision of serving youth by building academic and social emotional competence.  We learned many useful skills and practices but most importantly I left every Saturday training feeling “I am not alone” no matter how low and depleted I might have felt when I arrived. And hugely important to me was the marked improvement in my relationship with my grown son when I started using Restorative Communication skills.”

Kamala Subramamian

Art Teacher, SEED Public Charter School

The Restorative Coaching Program draws the best from three major, evidence-based processes for building positive relationships and social change:

  • Restorative Practices
  • Coaching
  • Nonviolent Communication

Program Begins October 5, 2019
Limited number of participants, District Wide
Don’t be disappointed!

International Best Seller – over a million copies sold in over 30 languages

Recommended by Forbes Magazine as one of 14 Best Leadership books

Nonviolent Communication is a simple yet powerful methodology for communicating in a way that meets both parties’ needs.  This is one of the most useful books you will ever read.”
William Ury, co-author, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving in

“No matter what issue you’re facing, Nonviolent Communication sets you up to win every time.”
Anthony Robbins, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Life Coach

“Marshall Rosenberg gives us the means to create peace through our speech and communication. A brilliant book.”
Arun Gandhi, peacemaker and founder of M. K. Gandhi Institute

Asst Teachers and others working with student groups

School Leaders

Mental Health Professionals, Behavior Specialists and others working one-on-one with students

Growing community, creating buy-in, building trust and empathy

Influencing and inspiring others, increasing accountability

Reaching withdrawn students, building resiliences